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Should I contact the police after an accident?
It’s always an advantage to have the accident perpetrator’s data approved by the police. Besides the police normally states who caused the accident directly at the accident location. If the police is not available in acceptable period of time it’s always helpful to take pictures of both cars, the accident location and drivers ID card. The minimum data you need is the licence plate ID or insurance information of the car which caused the accident. In case of physical injuries calling the police is mandatory in Germany.

When and why do I need an expert’s report?
In case the repair cost exceeds approx. 700€ you need an expert’s report to numeralize your claims to the insurance. Below 700€ a cost estimate from a repair shop is normally enough, alternatively we can create a short report in such a case. If you are not sure wether your damage exceeds 700€ or not feel free to contact us, we will inspect your car free of Charge.

What do I have to pay for an expert’s report?
The costs for the report are normally paid directly to us by the insurance. So you don’t have to pay anything in advance.

Where do I have to repair my car?
If and where you repair your car is up to you. Even if the insurance suggests to bring your car to a specific repair shop you don’t have to agree and can take it whereever you wish.

How long does it take to create the report?
It depends on the efforts which are required to prepare the report. If it’s a special car it might take a little longer but normally you receive your report at least by email within 2-3 working days. Postage of course takes another 1-2 working days.

What is a downtime compensation?
In case you cannot use your car and do not rent a car within this period you get a compensation depending on the vehicle category, specific type and age. It is stated as a daily rate in the report.

How can I claim downtime compensation?
In case the car is unable to drive after the accident and cannot be made roadworthy with a small effort, you get paid the downtime compensation normally for up to 14 days. In case you have your car repaired you get the compensation paid for the period of repair. You can claim it by sending an approval for the repair to the insurance, this can be an invoice from the repair shop or if you don’t have an invoice we can create a short repair approval report and send it to the insurance.

Based on which rates is the damage calculated in the report?
If you already chose a repair shop we will use their rates, otherwise we will use the next brand dealer or local average rates depending on the circumstances. Spare parts are calculated with manufacturers recommended retail prices.

The insurance sent me a bid for a higher salvage value than it was stated in the report, how should I react?
In case you already sold the car this bid is not relevant at all. If not please contact us or your lawyer as not every bid must be accepted.

May the insurance reduce the repair cots from the report?
No! Your lawyer will be able to help you if the insurance refuses to take over the complete costs stated in our report.

When am I allowed to mandate a lawyer?
As a claimant after a car accident you alwways have the right to mandate a lawyer of your choice. The costs for the lawyer must be paid by the insurance. Please chose a lawyer which is familiar with accidental claims settlement, we cooperate with several specialized law offices and can arrange the assignment of the lawyer for you.



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