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Your rights in case of a third party caused acident in Germany:



You have the right to mandate an automotive expert of your own choice to create a report on the damage (paid by the insurance)

You can chose wether you want to repair your car or get the net repair costs paid based on damage Report

You have the right to mandate a lawyer of your choice to support you proceeding the claim procedure (paid by the insurance)

You can repair the car at the repair shop of your choice

You get paid for a rental car if your car is unable to drive or during the time of the repair, if you do not rent a car you get paid a compensation, normally for up to two weeks


Financial compensation for the loss in value of your car

In case of physical injuries you get paid for medical treatment as well as pain and suffering money

You get a flat compensation of 25€ for expenses phone costs, postace fees etc.

You receive financial compensation for all further necessary efforts (f.ex. costs for registration and new licence plates as well as travel expenses for a trip to a car dealer if you replace your car)


Your duties as an accident victim in Germany:



You are supposed to reduce the costs as good as possible. This does not mean you have to pick the cheapest repair shop or resign any of your above mentioned rights, it only means you are supposed to avoid unnecessary costs!

You do not have to follow suggestions or instructions from the insurance, remember their target is not to satisfy you but to minimize their own expenses!

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What we can offer to you:



We inspect your car whereever you wish, at your home, your repair shop, at you workingplace…


Appointment for the inspection can normally be made the same day


All staff in our Rhein-Main offices and our partner lawyers speak English

Summary of all relevant data in your report in English


Full service claim settlement in cooperation with our partner lawyers

Why should you chose an own independent automotive expert?

If you have an expert sent by the insurance he will always be friendly but he will never be your friend but always focussed on cost reduction for their employer. They make use of every possibility to keep your claim as low as possible like calculating the repair costs with the cheapest repair shop they can find in the region, or leaving away a few extra works which are not obviously required for a layman. So be aware of all offers you get from the insurance, no matter how polite the employee on the phone seems to be, his job is to reduce your claim to the minimal possible value.

Why do you need a report from a neutral and independent automotive expert?

The report states all relevant data and numeralizes the expected costs which you need to adress your claims to the insurance. It states wether it’s valuable to repair or replace the car and which efforts are necessary to bring your car back on the road safely.



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